Running outside that comfort zone…

Despite my frustration with the pain during running, I’m still focused on getting those shorter runs in.  And some exciting news is that during last night’s run I ran outside my comfort level!



i don’t think I’ve ever recorded a 9:09 minute mile.  And when I first set my goal to complete my first marathon, my main goal is to finish, but I always thought that I would train towards running the marathon at a 10 minute mile pace.  So to finish my 3.5 mile run yesterday and see that I ran an average of a 9:09 minute mile was very exciting for me.

The run wasn’t easy, definitely had me breathing a little harder than usual but overall I still felt good.  Usually I don’t feel comfortable in my run until around 45 minutes – 1hour into the run, so I was expecting that this 32 minute run would be a little difficult.

Now I’m starting to ask myself.. could I maintain this pace for a 1/2 marathon?  

When I first started running 7 years ago, my very first goal was to finish a 1/2 marathon in 2hrs and 15 mins.  5 1/2 marathons later, and the closest I’ve gotten to that time goal is 2hrs and 21 mins.  Maybe I can reach that original time goal AND if I can maintain a 9 minute mile, I could possibly run a sub-2hr 1/2 marathon.

OMG.. how amazing would that be?!

I’m hoping to go for a few more runs this week and hopefully can run at the same pace.  Tonight is hill training, and Thursday or Friday is a 5 mile run.  I’ll see how that run goes.. maybe I can sign up for the upcoming 1/2 marathon (in May).. Eek! a mini-goal to work towards.. 


3 thoughts on “Running outside that comfort zone…

  1. themovingmuncher says:

    What happened at the physio? Hope your injury is getting better, it’s great that you’re still managing to get out there (safely with regards to injuries I hope!) even if it’s shorter distances, and congrats on the 9:09 minute mile!

    • j! ayson says:

      Got ultrasound treatment done and he also attached these circular discs that sent little electric shocks too. Ok still taking it easy with my runs, but really hope I can make it through the 18 miles this Sunday. I’ll probably go back to physio later this week for one more treatment.

  2. cldem says:

    Awesome! I have been thinking about speed goals a lot recently. My next half (April 27th) I’m running with a friend on a hilly course, so no PR planned, but I’m aiming to do one this fall and hit a sub-2:30, which for me, would be awesome (PR is 2:36). Good luck!

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