A rough week of recovery and rest…

This whole recovery and rest thing just isn’t working for me… I swear every run missed makes me feel like I’m back at the beginning.  I went for a run yesterday morning and finally it was nice outside and I no longer had to run indoors.  Yesterday’s run was for 12 miles.  My physiotherapist recommended I take it easy and go no longer than 9 miles, I only ran 8 miles.  Just like the week prior, the pain started roughly around mile 6 and persisted and slowly worsened as I continued to run.  Again, I kept thinking maybe this was all in my head and kept telling myself to stop thinking about the pain.  Unfortunately after mile 7, I decided it was time to start the run back home.  

It’s very frustrating.. a week of rest and taking it easy, following the prescribed stretches/exercises and yet there’s no improvement in the pain.  I know I need to be a bit more patient but we’re in the 2nd half of the training program and I really feel like each run is important, especially the long Sunday runs.  Next Sunday is the start of our much longer runs @ 18 and 20 miles.  These are the runs that will truly prep me for the full marathon.  And if I can make these runs, I’m starting to get nervous about my ability to run the marathon.  What if this pain never goes away?

I’ll be back at the physiotherapist today and hopefully the massage therapist as well.  Hopefully there’s something else that I can try to help.



3 thoughts on “A rough week of recovery and rest…

  1. themovingmuncher says:

    Good luck with this, I too despise being forced to sit it out when everything BUT your legs are raring to go. That’s fab you’re seeing a physio and hopefully they can get you up and about in no time… It’s a difficult one as you and I and most runners know how important it is to leave your body time to heal or it justs makes recovery that so much longer. But am hoping that in your case it really does improve soon!

  2. teresasdreams says:

    I hope you have some major improvement soon. I know it would be tough to skip the marathon, but be sure to listen to your body. If it’s not ready to run the full thing, don’t push it or you might really regret it later.

    That said, I’m not a runner. Yet. I do have visions of myself running. I think it could be one of the most time-efficient exercises for me, and a great stress reliever to boot.

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