Listening to my body and taking it easy

And that definitely isn’t easy! Hehe I’m focusing hard on recovering, thanks for the advice and encouragement that I needed to hear.
I went for a light treadmill run yesterday and although not as intense, there was still some pain. Today is another rest day and tomorrow I’ll try another short, easy run. I really want to do my long run on Sunday but already suspect it won’t be a good run.
Although I’m afraid to lose my training momentum, I have to admit, I miss running. I miss pushing myself through those runs and the feeling of reaching that mileage and accomplishment.
Never thought I’d hear myself say that! Maybe I am falling in love with running.
This week work has been kicking my butt! And I am so mentally tired. I suspect this craziness will last for another week or so and then hopefully slow down. Can’t wait!
Also still waiting for warmer weather. Forecast is calling for (more) snow this weekend! It’s ridiculous! But I’m ready to break up with the treadmill, I just can’t do it anymore.



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