Running update…

Following my shorter-than-planned run last Sunday, I went to see my physiotherapist on Monday to inquire about the pubic bone pain.  He suspects the pain is a result of my abdominal muscles being on the weaker side.  I don’t know.. it feels more like bone pain, but I couldn’t be completely off and it really is weakened ab muscles that are causing the pain.  I’m doing the prescribed ab exercises and will try to cut back on my running this week.  My doctor suggested that I stay away from hill training for the next couple weeks and to do only about 1/2 the distance for my long Sunday runs.

One side of me is trying to listen to the doctor, listen to my body and just rest.  The other side of me is thinking I can just push through the pain and maybe if I continue to stretch and strengthen my ab muscles, the pain won’t return during my runs.

One side of me is telling myself that it’s okay to miss a long run (this Sunday is 12 miles).  The other side of me feels that if I miss a long run, I’ll lose all progress from my training and I’l be starting at the beginning again.  I know that’s quite extreme, and I can’t imagine that I’d lose 7 weeks of training but it’s still a scary thought.

Tonight’s scheduled run is hills and although the doctor recommended that I stay away from hills, I feel that I need to at least give it a try.  For that reason, I will be running at the gym, so that in case the pain returns I can continue with a steady run instead.

Set backs really suck! 😦


5 thoughts on “Running update…

  1. teresasdreams says:

    Set backs DO suck! I’m dealing with a calf injury right now and I hate it since I have been making some progress on the exercise side. Hope you feel better soon and it doesn’t set you back too much!

  2. Iron Cheftress says:

    Sorry to hear about your injury. I took the doctors advice because i didnt at first and im in a worde state than before. Setbacks only suck if there’s no lesson learn. Take it positively dear and listen to the professionals.

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