One of those mornings… ** post run update **

** UPDATE **

I think I’ve hit my first set back and am feeling extremely frustrated.

Now it’s definitely possible that this wasn’t a great run because I was already dreading it in my head.  It’s possible that I didn’t nourish myself yesterday in preparation for this run.  But one thing I’m certain about is that I shouldn’t be experiencing pelvic pain when running.  This morning I ran just over 7 miles and the pain was so persistent that I decided to cut my run short.  It was the worse feeling ever, but the pelvic pain I’m feeling just doesn’t seem right.  I’ve experienced hip pain, knee pain, foot pain.. and the hip and knee pain is more of a throb, and a tightness.  The pelvic pain however, it’s just a sharp pain that starts shortly after the first hour of running.  When I started feeling the pain, I kept telling myself to just push through, that it would go away, and that maybe it was all in my head and I was just making the pain seem worse by thinking about it.  But at about 6 miles, the pain just became sharper and my head was telling me that it just wasn’t right.  So I stopped.  I’m feeling extremely frustrated and disappointed.  But I know that pushing myself through the pain may only hurt me more in the long run.  This is the part where I’m supposed to listen to my body.  I’m trying.  I just feel like the run was a total fail 😦

Tomorrow morning I’ll be on the phone to book an appt with my athletic therapist to see if he has any ideas/suggestions to alleviate the pain.



Last night I told myself I’d run with the running room group. I woke up this morning when my alarm went off at 7am. Kiddies crawled into my bed to join me and I found myself falling back asleep and cuddling with the kids.
Now I’m awake again and the running room group has already started their 16 mile run.
This means I’ll be running all by my lonesome. Not a big deal, as I’ve run by myself plenty of times in the past, but with this distance I’m thinking having a running partner would really help.
I’m really nervous about todays run, almost considering skipping it, but I already know I’ll regret it afterwards. Will I make the 16 miles? I’ll definitely try my best. It won’t be easy but it’s gotta be done.
Hoping things well go smooth.


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