A couple of observations…

My coworker mentioned today that lately I’ve been very happy. I told him I’m generally always happy, but he insisted it was different. He said “you seem happier ever since you started running”
I replied maybe I’m just happier because the hubby is away on vacation hehe
Anyway I started thinking… Am I happier now that I’m running? I still dread each and every run and I’m still waiting for that runners high, so how could I possibly be happier?
Then I realized that even with the dread and missing runners high, I still go out and run. And everything hurts, but I still push through. And that definitely makes me happy!
I also failed to realize that with last Sundays 14 mile run, I have exceeded the longest distance I’ve ever run in the past (which would be 13.1 miles – 1/2 marathon)
Oh my gosh, new distance for me and I did it!
I need to have a mini celebration, I’m so excited!


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