This is where it gets hard…

Still chilly here, even snowed a bit last night. Right now temperature feels like -14! Seriously ridiculous!
It was slightly warmer during the week and I made it to hill training on Thursday night. It was tough, but I loved feeling the burn in my legs.
Sure to the chilly weather this morning, yet again I found myself running on the gym treadmill.


14 miles weeks and it definitely wasn’t easy. First 10 miles and I was feeling pretty good, pretty strong. Then the throbbing in my pelvis started, my left foot and knee were also hurting.
I kept debating, push through the pain or keep going and hope I’m not causing further damage in the pain areas.
I kept going, I wanted to slow down but didn’t. My legs are extremely sore now, and I’m thinking about soaking in an ice bath.
Mileage is only increasing from this point on, so I’m nervous about the pain. It’s frustrating because cardio-wise I feel fine. But my legs/joints are making me doubt my ability to run this marathon.
I have to figure something out, it can’t continue to hurt like this else the full marathon may not happen.


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