Still on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes…

I went for a run Friday night and tried out the 2nd pair of runners I purchased, Asics GT-2000…



Good news, is I didn’t experience any shin splints like I did with the first pair (NIke Lunar Speed)



However I did experience pain in my arch.  I couldn’t tell if it was a lack of arch support.  At first, I thought that maybe I should keep running, maybe the pain would subside once my feet.  But no luck, shortly after I started my run I had to switch back into my old runners.

Currently I’m running in a pair of New Balance runners.  The past 2 runners I’ve run in were both from New Balance and I suspect that it would be better for me to stay with New Balance runners.  So I’m hoping to pick up this pair:



Today’s 12 mile run went pretty good, the last 2 miles were a bit of a struggle.  I ran at my work’s gym and after I reached 10 miles, I started to hear a squeaky sound.  And I didn’t think much of it at first, but then I started thinking maybe the treadmill was overworked?  I had been running for a solid 2 hours (10 min run/1 min walk) and I thought maybe the treadmill was overheating.  The sound started to get louder and at 10.5 miles I thought maybe it would be best if I switched to the treadmill next to me and finish my run before the treadmill I was on broke down.  So I hit the stop button (and didn’t record my stats) and was about to move to the next treadmill, when I realized that the sound was still there.  I turned around and realized it was actually an elliptical machine behind me.  There was a man on the elliptical, going pretty hard and all that noise was coming from his machine!  UGH!!  I wasn’t happy… especially because I lost all the run stats on the treadmill.  So I restarted the treadmill and finished off the last 1.5 miles.  Unfortunately that little pause was enough to throw me off, and I struggled to focus on the last 1.5 miles.  What I don’t understand is why the man on the noisy elliptical machine, didn’t move to one of the other four open elliptical machines next to him.  The noise was so distracting and I’m sure all the other gym-goers were thinking the same thing.

I felt some tightness in my hips during the run and some pain in my left knee.  I’m really hoping that this pain isn’t a constant in my upcoming runs.  The distances are only getting longer and this pain can definitely make the runs difficult.  I also felt very low on energy during today’s run.  I really need to make sure I’m eating enough carbs to fuel me through my runs.

But even with the pain and the low energy, I did it… I finished my 12 miles.. again on a treadmill.  It’s snowing again here 😦  So hard to tell if I’ll be running outside next Sunday.  It’s hard to believe that starting next week, I’m running a 1/2 marathon every Sunday.  

 Still working on cleaner eating, and hoping to make some progress before hubby comes back.


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