Mini-challenge.. just because..

In 2 days, I will be without my hubby.  He is off on a 17 day vacation to visit his parents.  I am going to miss him terribly, he does so much around the house and he has so much patience with the kids.  With him on vacation, I’ll definitely need to stay on top of things and stay as organized (and energized) as possible.  

So life will be a bit busier without him here.  One positive, I won’t have to feel guilty for when I don’t get around to making dinner/lunch.  And if I’m eating quinoa and ground chicken w/ veggies for the entire week, then that’s okay.

One thing that I’ve mentioned in previous posts, that I’d really like to do, is combine my running and weight lifting with clean(er) eating.  Since I’ve started running, I’ve allowed myself more indulgences than usual, because I ran for 2 hours so I should be allowed.. right?!  Anyway, I’ve wondered how my physique would improve if I ran for 2 hours and didn’t indulge (as much.. still gotta have a small one here and there).  

So for the 17 days that hubby is away, I will focus harder on clean(er) eating and will continue with my running and lifting weights.  I also want to work hard at getting stronger and increasing in weights.



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