Can’t believe it…

but I did it.  I ran 10 miles on a treadmill!

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I’m not a big fan of running on a treadmill.  The feeling of running in one spot with no changes in scenery.  It’s tough!  But I woke up this past Sunday and it was -22!!  Add to that the blustering wind, and there was no way I was heading outside for my 10 mile run.

A part of me was trying to convince myself that it would be okay to skip my 10 mile run.. really, missing 1 long run can’t be that bad…. can it?  That was obviously a rhetorical question, and I knew that the correct answer would be to just suck it up and if I couldn’t run outside, then I’d have to run inside.. on a treadmill. UGH! hehe..

As I started getting ready to head to the gym, I kept thinking about the dreaded 2 hours it would take me to finish the run.  I tried to convince myself that it wouldn’t be so bad, Sunday runs are always the slower paced runs, so it would be ok.

And surprisingly, it was a pretty good run.  There was a slight moment of “I want this run to be over” at about the 1 hour mark, when I realized I still had another full hour to go but when I hit mile 7 and realized I only had 3 more miles to go, I was feeling good.

However, the last half did being a little uncomfortable due to the pelvic pain I started to experience.  During past runs, I’ve experience inner hip pain and tightness, which I read is common during longer runs, but the pain I felt yesterday was quite different.  It was a sharp yet dull pain, right in the middle of my public bone (really hard to describe the exact spot) but it was consistent during the last half of my run.  Even afterwards the pain remained and made walking slightly uncomfortable.  I finally picked up some Tylenol Muscle Relief & Joint Pain at the drugstore and it helped a bit but the discomfort is back again this morning, not as sharp but definitely still there.  I’ll see how things to with this week’s run and will stay on top of my stretching.  Hopefully it’s just a side effect of muscle tightness.

This week will definitely be a challenge to get my runs and workouts done.  Hubby is leaving  on Thursday to visit his parents and will be gone for 17 days 😦

So the next few days will be busy with getting him ready for the trip and packing and buying last minute supplies and gifts to bring home.


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