The only one I’m racing against…

is me..

Sunday’s 10 mile run felt good.  Sure there was some tightness in my hips (which I researched and learned it was common to feel tightness when running long distances and when your knees aren’t going past a 90 degree angle) but at the end of the 2 hour run I felt pretty good.  Definitely wasn’t out of breath, and felt like I could continue running (at the same steady and slow pace)

Anyway, the other day at lunch the guys (coworkers) and I were sitting around the table when the topic of my running came up.  I told them that I ran 10 miles the past Sunday and they asked me how it went and how fast I was running.  I told them that it felt pretty good and that I was running at a 12 minute mile during the run.  One coworker replies.. “Hey that’s the pace that I run at too”  This caught me by surprise.  Now I know that runners come is all shapes and sizes.  This is why I love seeing people run, because anyone can do it.. young.. old.. regardless of height.. weight..  The coworker you replied is probably more than twice my weight and although I shouldn’t be surprised that we run at the same pace, the past couple years he’s always telling us at work how he’s not as active anymore and feels out of shape.  

So then I thought.. I’m running as fast as someone twice my size who’s out of shape?  That doesn’t sound right.  I’ve always known that I run at a nice comfortable pace.  I know that I don’t push myself to the limits when it comes to my running speed.  And that’s something I definitely want to work on this year.

Last night I went for a run at the gym on the treadmill.  And I was feeling pretty determined to run much faster.  It really wasn’t a good idea though.  After the first mile I was feeling very tired, and my legs weren’t feeling great.  I did have to slow down my pace but still ran faster than my Sunday pace.  I still felt discouraged though.  It was a hard 3.5 mile run.  I think running on a treadmill definitely didn’t help the situation but I was getting frustrated with myself because I couldn’t run faster and I kept thinking I should be able to.  At 110lbs, I should be able to run much faster.. shouldn’t I?

Anyway, I’m sure running faster will come with time and more training, and I’ve realized that I cannot allow myself to push too hard, to the point of frustration because that would just be a bigger set back in my overall training.

I do want to get faster, but most importantly for this marathon in June, I just want to finish.  

Another 6 miles tonight, 3.5 miles on Saturday and 10 miles on Sunday (although I’m thinking I’ll do the 10 miles on Saturday instead.  Forecast is calling for -16 on Sunday.. BRR!)

I’m surprised that I’ve kept up with the running and haven’t purposely injured myself as a way to get out of running.. hehe..

Now, I just need to get back onto clean eating.. I’ve been eating way too many hash browns the past couple days.. 


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