No matter how hard I tried…

There was no way for me NOT to miss my running clinic. In my post earlier today I wrote about how the group runs weren’t enjoyable, so I wasn’t looking forward to tonights clinic and group run.
I had a Chiro appt @ 5:30pm and it took longer than expected.
I got into the car and saw the time. 6:20pm.
running clinic starts @ 6:45pm.
Would I make it on time?
Should I even try making the class? Cause if I’m going to be late, I don’t want to go. Maybe I’ll just run at the gym tomorrow morning. So maybe I’ll just head home.
I felt guilty. I should at least try driving to the running room.
So I started the drive over, carefully watching the time. I peeled and ate the 2 hard boiled eggs I brought with me. You know, just in case.
The entire drive I kept thinking I’d be late, and really its not my fault the drive took long. I was a mile away and the time read 6:45pm.
Should I turn around and head home? Trust me, I wanted too.
But I just couldn’t.
I arrived at the clinic 5 minutes late.
I’ll just stay for the class section but won’t run with the group. The sidewalks are still slippery and not safe.
Lecture part is done. Time to run. This is where I should head home.
Oh, and I forgot my head gear and gloves at home. definitely can’t run, right?
Still couldn’t convince myself not to run.
So off I went. Good news though, there was a new girl and she kept me company. Such a sweetheart! That made the run a little easier. Less lonely.
8km later and I’m glad I didn’t give in so easily. I tried and failed. In this situation, failure was a good thing.


4 thoughts on “No matter how hard I tried…

    • j! ayson says:

      It was definitely a nice surprise to have company during my run. Not sure if she’s coming out on Sundays though. We’ll see how this weeks long run goes.

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