Run.. eat.. run some more.. eat some more..

You see the pattern…

So I’ve actually surprised myself at how I’ve managed to make it out for my training runs.

Thursday night was tough, Saturday morning was tough – I ran by myself around the neighbourhood and Sunday morning was even tougher – this was (supposed to be) a long slow distance run with the Running Room.

Sunday runs are classified as Long, Slow, Distance.  The purpose of these runs is to build endurance to get comfortable with being on the road for 1, 2, 3, even 4 hours for a run.  It’s meant to be run at a comfortable pace.  As we were heading out of the Running Room Sunday morning, I hear my group run leader say “I know we should run slower, but I try to keep the same pace”..  What the.. ?@%#

So already my mind is thinking. Great.. this isn’t going to be the slow comfortable pace I thought it was going to be.  As we start running the distance between the group run leader and myself increases, a part of me is thinking I should speed up, the other part of me is thinking.. Nope.. I’m running slow today.  So as the group pulls away from me, I start asking myself why I even bothered to come out on this group run, when clearly I’m running all by myself 😦

I even left my headphones at home, thinking I would have others to run with and possible chat with.  The Sunday runs are also 10 and 1’s.. meaning we run for 10 mins and then walk for 1 min.  I didn’t want to fall to far behind the group, so I found myself running even when I should’ve been walking, just to close the gap between me and them.  I was a little frustrated but at the same time, oh well.  

Anyway, I’ll continue to join them on the Sunday runs.  Even though I’m not running with them, it’s nice to see them up ahead.. gives me something to focus on, to run towards.  The mileage is only going to increase and the runs will get tougher and I’ll need any and all support I can get.

And so with all this running (total of 16.5 miles since Thursday), I’m definitely eating more.. the not so good part.. I’m eating things that I normally wouldn’t allow myself to eat.  I find that I’m telling myself, It’s okay to eat that.. you’ll run it off anyway.  And sure, that means I’m just balancing things out.. but that also means I won’t see any improvements in my physique.

This past weekend was even harder because I had back-to-back birthday parties, so there was alot of food to eat.  Just gotta get it out of my system and get back to my regular eating.  

It’s snowing again today, possibly tomorrow, which means Wednesday night and Thursday night’s runs won’t be fun because the sidewalks will be in awful condition.  I cannot wait for the weather to warm up, to not have to deal with north winds in my face, cold ears, and running in layers of clothing.  Of course when it’s sweltering hot outside, I’ll be complaining about that too… hehe..

My training schedule has me running 5 times a week, with 2 days off.  I’ve decide that I will do lift light on the days I run and then go heavy on the 2 days that I’m not running.  Also, I’m incorporating pull ups into my daily exercise, in hopes of getting stronger and developing my back.


3 thoughts on “Run.. eat.. run some more.. eat some more..

  1. cathyo says:

    Good job getting all those runs in….I have yet to complete one training run and my half is only 8 weeks away! Ugh…this is not going to be pretty! Happy running!!!

    • j! ayson says:

      It does feel good to know that the extra munching/snacking won’t set me back with my fitness goals. Definitely need to fuel my body, just hoping I can choose healthier fuels. 🙂

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