Must find the strength…

and actually before I get into my post, I’m actually surprised that:

Lent 2013 began on

Wednesday, February 13

and ends on

Saturday, March 30
This is what came back when I did a google search on “Lent 2013”  I originally thought Lent ended 40 days from Ash Wednesday (Feb 13).  So I was thinking I’d be enjoying dark chocolate again on March 25th.  Wrong!  Looks like I’m going an additional 5 days without dark chocolate.. BOO!
So back to my original post…
Shortly before deciding to give up dark chocolate for Lent, I purchased a Groupon (group buying deal) for a box of Camino dark chocolate peanut butter bars.
LOVE this bars!  And when I placed the order, the website indicated a shipping time of 4-6 weeks.  I was thinking “What perfect timing!”  I’ll give up dark chocolate for Lent and once it’s over the Camino bars will arrive and I can start enjoying the Camino bars.  Perfect plan!
Except.. well I got an email from Canada Post this afternoon, notifying me that the Camino bars have already been shipped to the house.
So now, not only do I have an extra 5 days on top of what I originally thought was the period for Lent, but I’ve also got a box of 20 Camino bars at home… calling my name.. “Eat me!”
Oh boy.. now this is a challenge…. hehe.. 
Bring it on!
Oh.. and on a side note.. I think I’ve fallen in love.. with Tim Horton’s Apple Fritter donut.
I’ve had 3 apple fritters since February 15th, so good.  A new weakness for me that I will have to overcome.  AHH!

One thought on “Must find the strength…

  1. leannenalani says:

    Oh I remember Tim Horton’s. I used to go to Canada a lot when I was in college because we were right on the border. Good stuff. I used to get donut holes from there. As for the bars you bought, hide them somewhere so you’ll never see them!

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