First running clinic class…

What did I get myself into?
I sat down in the front row looking around at all the runners around me. They all had their running apparel on and looked like very experienced runners. Sure enough after going through the introductions, it was confirmed that I was the most  inexperienced runner, at least a runner that hasn’t completed a 1/2 or full marathon in the past 3 years. So immediately I was feeling very out of place and intimidated.
One thing I have learned about the Running Room clinics is that no one looks at you as the “newbie” and everyone is super supportive. But I still felt like I shouldn’t have been there tonight.
The clinic instructor is really nice and seems very knowledgeable. No doubt that I will be enjoying his classes. After about 30 minutes of class time, it was time to go for our run.
I was thinking we’d be going for a short 3 or 4km run. Oh no, not the full marathon runners. Tonights run was 8kms. OMG! That totally caught me off guard. I actually thought maybe the run would be canceled due to the icy and uneven sidewalk surfaces. Nope, we run in all conditions.
Anyway 8km wasn’t a bad run for me, but it wasn’t enjoyable either. I was constantly looking down at the,sidewalk, making sure or more like trying hard not to slip or twist my ankle. I felt good but wasn’t running at the same pace as the group run leader. That was a little discouraging. I started thinking about this Sunday’s long steady run for 13kms. I started thinking about the even longed runs, the 2, 3 and even 4 hour runs. And I’m scared.
I’m starting to doubt myself.
I’m even more nervous about fueling my body, thinking that I’m so used to watching my calorie intake and specifically my carb intake that I won’t be fueling my body.
I want to lift weights and go heavy, but my running schedule has me training 5 days a week. I don’t know yet how I’m going to lift weights and try to build muscle at the same time as  building up speed and endurance. I don’t think my body could handle all that training. It would be too much.
So, I’ve got a couple rough days ahead of me.
I need to think positively about marathon training. I need to feel strong and confident.
I need to find a balance with lifting weights and I need to fuel my body.
Any tips or advice to survive are more than welcome
This is definitely the hardest challenge I’ve faced.
Excited and scared.


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