Living the GoodLife…

or more specifically, running on a treadmill at GoodLife.

A couple weeks ago I purchased a 14-day pass for GoodLife gyms.  FInally made it last night to check things out.  I’ve had a memberships to big gym chains before (like Shapes Fitness) so it wasn’t anything new to me.  I was actually overwhelmed with the amount of people at the gym though.  I can see how the distraction of people can help an individual through their workout, but I found that it was a little too distracting.  Being surrounded by individuals at the gym with similar goals is definitely motivating, those definitely are the people you want to surround yourself with and you want to feed off their energy as well.  For some reason, I’ve always preferred to workout without all the distractions and all the people around me.  

I am excited to try an RPM (spinning) class for the first time tomorrow.  I’m hoping it will help with my cardio.  I did run for an hour yesterday (woo hoo!) and total mileage was 5 miles.. still at a slower pace and that included a warm up and cool down.

But the important thing is that I was on the treadmill for an hour and it wasn’t that bad.. I made the mistake of having a sip of water during my run, which resulted in my side cramping slightly, but other than that, the run was good.  I wasn’t out of breath and my body wasn’t aching, knees a bit sore but that’s about it.

It was a great feeling to go past 3 miles and I can’t wait to continue to increase my distance.  The weather is getting warmer and the sidewalks aren’t as covered in snow as they were the past couple weeks, so I can’t wait to get outside to run.

Today we had a pizza day at lunch and I had a slice, and then I took the kids out for sushi and had a bit too.  Do I feel stuffed?  You bet I do!  Was it good?! You better believe it!  And I’m okay with the indulgence.  I’m starting to accept the reality that I will have moments where sushi and pizza will be eaten and that’s okay.  I’ve come such a long way since I first started my journey to eat healthier and to get into shape.  Making healthier food choices comes natural now and I don’t feel forced to eat that way.  Definitely one day I am going to challenge myself and see how hard I can push myself and to see what my body is capable of doing and the physique I can achieve.  But there’s no deadline for me and I truly want it to be part of my lifestyle, so I’ll take my time getting there.  And most importantly, I just want to enjoy the journey.

Today is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent.  And for 40 days, I have decided to give up.. dark chocolate!  OOh.. I love my dark chocolate, it really is the one treat that I indulge in.  Anyway last week I order a box.. yes.. A BOX (of 20 bars) of Camino chocolate bars.



I order the dark chocolate w/ peanut butter.. so delicious!  And shipping will take 6-8 weeks, so I’m thinking, I’ll go with dark chocolate for 40 days.. and then when the camino bars finally arrive, it’ll be time to indulge!  Can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “Living the GoodLife…

  1. leannenalani says:

    YES! About indulgences here and there. If I didn’t let myself indulge, I’d be right back where I started. This week at school the students have been doing all kinds of bake sale stuff for Valentine’s Day, too. Cupcakes, smoothies, truffles…

  2. teresasdreams says:

    That’s exactly it for me too. I need to allow myself to indulge occasionally. And most importantly, enjoy the journey like you said. If I’m so strict with myself and can never indulge, it will eventually backfire, which is no good.

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