Another rough morning…

I snoozed my 4:50am alarm and finally woke up at 5:05am.  I was awake, but stayed in bed… laying there having the inner battle of whether or not I should get up and go for a run.  I had a huge list of reasons why I should skip my run and just stay in bed and only one reason to go and run.  After a 15 minute battle in my head, I rolled out of bed.  What was the reason that got me out of bed?  Because my goal was to go for 3 runs this week.  I said I would … so I had to.

It wasn’t easy and I was cursing to myself as I packed my gym bag and my lunch bag, my laptop bag and my purse.  I got to the gym a little later than I had wanted but still made it for a 2 mile run.  Original plan was to run for at least 3 miles but every time I looked at the time, I felt more strapped for time and knew if I ran for 3 miles, I’d be rushing to get ready and into the office before 7:30am.  I had already cursed on my way to the gym, I was hoping to get ready for work at a more relaxed pace.  I made it into work on time, booted up my laptop and headed down to the cafeteria to pick up breakfast.  

Looking back at my morning, I really should have tried harder to be in a happier mood because I think it really affected my run.  It just wasn’t fun and I wasn’t feeling motivated, focused or strong.  Lugging a few bags of workout gear, work-related stuff and lunch may turn out to be a regular occurrence for me.  And I need to just suck it up buttercup!  It is what it is and I should choose to not think negatively about it.

What’s even worse, after the cursing and the lugging.. I really should have run at least 3 miles.  The effort of getting there should have motivated me to make it to my run goal.  Lesson learned.


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