Not sure if I should believe it…

“it” being the numbers on the scale. My sister have me her scale that displayed body fat so I was very excited to step on it tonight. The weight was pretty accurate, 110.8 lbs. Then it started to calculate my body fat… A few seconds poised and then the number was displayed… 14.8%.

I’m not sure how to feel about this number, even more important, I don’t know of I believe in this number. Three last time I had my body fat measured was last year, maybe in April. I think I was at 18%. I should really double check.
Any way, is it possible that I lost over 3% body fat? My mid section makes me think that my body fat % is higher than what the scale displayed. I really want too believe the numbers though.


2 thoughts on “Not sure if I should believe it…

  1. lovetorun17 says:

    I think it depends on the way you measure your body fat – The scales are usually a few percent off of the measurement you’d get from when they pinch your skin. But congrats!! As long as it makes you feel good about yourself, I’d just take it for what it is 🙂

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