Getting Motivated Monday…

Today I’m looking for motivation.  My alarm went off at 4:45am and I was very quick to turn off (not snooze) my alarm.  Any chance of going for a  morning run was lost when I finally woke up and it was already past 6am.  I’m trying hard to not be too hard on myself, there’s always tomorrow morning.. BUT if I can sneak out of work at 2pm, I’ll head over to go for a quick run before heading home.

Hubby and kids are feeling better but still not 100%.  I did manage to get hubby to come to watch The Hobbit on Saturday afternoon.  I didn’t know that the movie was split into 3 parts.  So just as the movie was getting exciting and I was enjoying the movie, the end credits flashed onto the screen.  I was thinking “WTF?” hehe… That totally caught me off guard, and since there’s no way I could wait til next year, I’m going to have to read the book.  Unlike Lord of the Rings, Twilight and the Hunger Games, I read the entire book series and so waiting for the yearly released movies wasn’t as bad, since I already knew how the story ended.  I never read The Hobbit, so now I’m really curious.  At the movies, I did enjoy a bag of popcorn with butter (shared with the hubby).  I’m amazed at how sensitive I am now to salt, since I don’t have much added salt in my meals.  The popcorn, which I’m sure use to taste perfect, seemed a tad salty.  I also indulged in a few small slice of pizza before the movie.  Yesterday we watched the Superbowl at home and I munched on a small bowl of nachos with cheese.  I don’t think I ate alot but enough to make me feel guilty, even though I had a good back workout earlier in the day.  

I’m still trying to find that balance with eating/exercise that won’t leave me feeling guilty.  Considering where I started, where I am today and my current goals, eating clean 90% of the time shouldn’t leave me feeling guilty.



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