First 3 miles… CHECK!

My alarm went off at 4:45am and I immediately hit the Snooze.  Just 5 more minutes I told myself.  The next time I woke up I reached for my cellphone and saw that it was already 5:15am.  I debated getting out of bed or sleeping for just another “5 more minutes”  I briefly thought about postponing my first 3 mile run til tomorrow, I tried to justify that decision by asking telling myself “I can make up the runs next time, I have plenty of time to train”  But then I quickly realized that those were the exact thoughts that I had to remove from my head.  Starting “tomorrow” is not an option, I already postponed my first run once, I couldn’t do it again.  And so I dragged myself out of bed and headed to the gym.
The first 5 minutes on the treadmill already had me thinking “what did I get myself into?” I reminded myself that the start of a run in always tough a your body warms up. I didn’t want to go too fast too soon and risk burning out. So I ran at a comfortable pace.
Then it happened… A lady stepped onto the treadmill next to me and she ran FAST. I could hear the pounding of her feet and the rhythm of her stride. It was a natural reaction to speed up my pace to match hers, hut I had to remind myself that I wasn’t at that level yet and to be careful.
At 1.5 miles I felt like stopping, but I didn’t. At 2 miles I thought maybe that was a good enough start, but I kept going. 40 minutes later I finished my goal of 3 miles. It definitely took longer than I had hoped and I’m trying hard to not feel discouraged. A slower first run is to be expected right? Tomorrow is another day and I’m going for another run in the morning.
I suspect the run will be even slower due to the soreness I will be feeling when I wake up tomorrow.
Tonight I attended my first Crossfit class. It was fun and quite intense. I think I did good but was definitely breathing hard by the time we finished out circuit workout: burpees, thrusters, box step ups, rowing and prowlers. 18 minutes of intense cardio. Will I go back? I’d love to, but I do have questions in how to incorporate Crossfit with my marathon training and usual weight lifting. And I’m not really sure if I can afford $150/month for an entire year. I’d have to discuss that with the hubby.
So I’m hoping to talk to one of the instructors and decide what to do from there.
My body is aching, a good ache. Won’t be fun tomorrow but I still can’t wait for the next run and the next workout.


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