Hard work always pays off…

Not only in the gym, but at the office too.  And I’m excited to share the news that I (finally) got the promotion I’ve been working so hard for!



Even though it’s just the added word “Senior” before my title that single word represents years worth of focus, dedication and hard work in the office.  At times it really felt like I wasn’t making any progress and that I was never going to get there, but I did.

And now I realize that the same goes for eating healthy and working out consistently.  It gets frustrating at times, it feels like I’m not making progress.. so I might as well eat that bag of chips.. but in the end, the hard work WILL pay off.  Patience, determination and motivation.. that’s all I need.

4 more days til Mexico!  Yay!  I’m still sick though but getting better.  I tried to work out yesterday but felt so week, so I’m still resting.  But definitely just trying to watch what I eat.


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