Sick… 5 days til Mexico

Such bad timing, but I guess it’s better to be sick before and not during the trip.
Had a busy Sunday night cooking and I tried really hard to enjoy the cooking rather than try to rush through it all.
Cajun shrimp, brown rice and whole wheat cottage cheese and blueberry pancakes.


I tried to go to work today. But coworkers saw that I was sick and sent me home. Internet connection at home was flakey so I actually didn’t get much work done. I did have a much needed afternoon nap though.
No workout for me today. Just taking it easy and thinking about what I need to pack.
You know what’s funny? I thought about snacking on some Cheetos or potato chips, cause I am sick and it’s allowed right? 😉 not really but I was prepared to use my cold as an excuse in car I ate an entire bag. But oddly enough, I just don’t want any potato chips. That is so unheard of!
I will be snacking on grapefruit though and drinking lots of water.

Are there any foods that you no longer crave now that you’re eating healthier?


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