Out of sight… out of mind.. 10 days til Mexico.. and GOALS!

Can’t forget my goals.. 

So there was quite a bit of indulging on New Year’s Eve, again.. not a huge amount but enough to make me feel just a teensy tiny bit guilty.  But nothing I can’t bounce back from.  The past couple days have been really good and I’m focused on eating clean until Mexico.. which is in 10 days!  BUT… of course there’s a but.. I have been snacking NON-STOP on these little morsels of deliciousness…


I swear these are my weakness!  We were at Costco a couple days ago and my son loves these as well so he grabbed them off the shelf and tossed the bag into the cart when he saw them.  Yesterday I feel like I ate 100 pieces.. I’m sure that’s an exaggeration but I sat in bed, watching Transformers with the kids munching away.

Then today I brought a small container to work, in hopes that I would have a few each day and enjoy them for the week.  Well, that didn’t happen.  I ate them all!  Tomorrow, I’m not bringing any with me, just to get rid of all that temptation.  Aside from the dark chocolate, eating clean has been going pretty well. Yay!

I also looked at the dates for the Running Room Marathon clinic.  Once the goal to run a marathon this year was set, I realized that I would need the support/help from the Running Room. I joined their half marathon clinic back in 2005 and it really helped me reach my half marathon goal.  I’m a little nervous because I know that there is a minimum mileage requirement before you join, just to ensure you can participate in the Sunday long runs.  The clinic starts on February 28, 2013 my plan is to register for the clinic before the end of the month.  Eek!  With no doubt this is the scariest thing I have ever aimed to complete.

I finally got a new (well new to me) scale that calculates body fat, so I just need to buy batteries for it.  I highly doubt that the measurements are very accurate, but it will give me an idea of the progress I am making.  By the end of the week, I will be taking my weight, body fat measurements and setting some fitness goals.

There are also financial goals that I need to set, but I think once things have settled following the holidays (because we always over spend during the holidays) I’ll put together that list and action plan.  FIrst thing’s first.. waiting to find out if I got a promotion.  I worked so hard the past year, and my manager has told me that they’re working on the paper work, so my fingers are crossed and I hope that there’s good news.

And so here’s another picture of me during my workout today.



It’s not a great picture, but I needed to see where I was.  It’s funny because sometimes I’ll come across a picture of a woman with an amazing physique and then I wonder how close or far I am from achieving that physique.  And then I realize that I’m not putting in the same amount of effort, sweat and tears that these women are putting in and that alone is the reason why I look no where near them.  But I’ll get there.  I do know that the only way I’m going to take clean eating and exercise 100% serious is to set that goal of competing in a bodybuilding competition… I know that.. and I won’t say that it’ll never happen.  But I’m just not ready.. yet.. 


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