Post X-Mas… Only 17 more days til Mexico

Wow… The holidays have come and gone and we are now 5 days away from ringing in a new year. The past few days have been filled with family gatherings, lots of laughter and definitely lots of food. My favorite dishes that I completely indulged in? Noodles and spring rolls. Regardless of where I was, I couldn’t turn down the noodles or springrolls. I swear I think I’ve eaten 6-8 a day for the past 4 days! But they’re so delicious! Veggies rolled up and fried in a crispy and light wrapper. We’re having friends over on Friday and I guarantee there will nd more springrolls. Can’t wait!
The kids have been showered with gifts and we are so thankful for everyone’s generosity and thoughtfulness.


This is the time of year to start thinking about goals for 2013. I have a couple big ones in mind but won’t post them until I’m 100% certain that these goals are for ME.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season enjoyed good company and good food.


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