Almost a year.. progress pictures..

I was looking through pictures on my phone and realized that it’s been almost a year since I started this journey to get back into shape.  It’s truly hard to believe that it’s almost the end of year.  The entire year went by so quickly and when I look back at my posts, it proves how much of an ongoing journey healthy eating and exercise is for me.  I started reading through posts and read the numerous times that I fell off track with my healthy eating and exercise.  Many times that I wrote down goals that I didn’t meet completely, the disappointment and frustration of progress, or more specifically the lack of.  But then at the same, I look back and read the things that I have done and what remains constant is the fact that I kept going.  I missed some goals but I kept going.  I made some bad choices, but I realized them (felt guilty) and kept going.

So now, I’m truly excited to post my progress pictures from when I first started to where I was last month (I haven’t taken a picture yet for this month).  What surprises me the most is where I started, and how for the longest time I felt content with my body.  Actually to be honest, I wasn’t really content, but it was good enough.  Hubby loved me and always made me feel sexy… and I didn’t mind the way I wore my clothes.  But now that see what my body can do, I’m definitely more happy with what I see and I’m looking forward to seeing more progress.  I really don’t know what changed for me in the past week, but I’m more excited than ever to continue with healthy eating and exercise.


Again, there’s still room for improvement but I know now with a doubt that I will get there.

And I’m excited to continue with my blogging and sharing this journey with you!


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