Making progress…

with exercise AND Christmas shopping!

I managed to get in 3 Insanity workouts last week on top of lifting weights so that was definitely great progress on my end.  And surprisingly I’m looking forward to tonight’s Insanity workout.  I think this is the first time that I’m really looking forward to doing my cardio session.

Last night I had a great chest workout, bench pressed 75lbs which again was great progress on my end.  I just need to make sure I’m feeding my body so that I can continue with the heavier lifting.

Christmas shopping went really well on Saturday and we got a good chunk of gifts purchased and wrapped.  Finally, there are gifts under the tree.  Just a few more to go, and I’m sure we’ll finish this week. hehe.. then again we HAVE to finish this week considering Christmas is a week away!

Grocery shopping went well this weekend and the food and pantry are stocked with healthy ingredients for some healthy and super delicious meals!  Again, I’m surprised that I’m actually looking forward to the meals I have planned for the week.

And another amazing thing?  I don’t have that craving for fast food anymore… I can easily go through the McDonalds drive thru, and not have a single craving.  This happened on the weekend when the kids were requesting grilled cheese sandwiches, hubby asked if I wanted anything.. and I really didn’t but for some reason I felt like I should get something to eat.  So I asked for chicken nuggets.  Ate 2 and just couldn’t get through the rest of them, and even the 2 that I did eat really didn’t taste the same as it used to.  So it’s pretty bad of me to NOT crave the food but still order it.  Lesson learned, just don’t do it.  It’s just not worth it.



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