Celebrate when required…

Is there really a good time to indulge and stray off the path of clean eating?

You bet there is!  When you’ve been working your butt off the entire year and your manager is taking the team out for a holiday lunch, that’s the perfect time to go out and indulge.. and celebrate all the successes and the lessons learned throughout the year.  And so I did.. and do I feel stuffed?  I do but I’m prepared to workout extra hard tonight to balance things out.  The meal was worth it.. wait.. actually the steak I had was worth it, I probably could have gone without the fries.. but there they were on the plate and I found myself nibbling on them.  I even had a bit of dessert.  It was described as a dark chocolate cake on the dessert menu, but it was more like a super dense brownie, so I really didn’t have much at all.

Thanks to those who commented on my last post about vitamins/supplements.  I’m definitely going to spend some time researching the products out there and decide what meets my needs.

Today marks exactly one month until Mexico and I really want to improve my physique before then.  I know the key lies in clean eating and consistent exercise.  I know I can do this.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this in a previous post but both my best friend and her fiancée have competed in body building competitions and both maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and both will, without a doubt, have the six pack abs with them on the beach. The hubby too has competed in numerous body building competitions and maintains a pretty impressive physique (for one who really doesn’t need to watch what he’s eating… he got the good genes), and he too will be sporting a six pack on the beach.  So what does that mean?  well, that just means I gotta try my best to improve my physique.  I think a six pack is a little harder for me to maintain, but I just want to be trim and toned.


Time to go hard and lift heavy!


One thought on “Celebrate when required…

  1. teresasdreams says:

    That would certainly be a lot of pressure to be with people with such a fantastic physique! I think you look great no matter what. You most definitely will look better than most of the people on the beach!

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