Really need to eat… MORE!

Yup, you read that right, I definitely need to eat more.  With the craziness of last week, I’m definitely still working on getting back into a routine of healthy eating and exercise.  What I’m finding is I’m simply not eating enough food.  At the end of the day when I look back at what I ate, it really isn’t much and I know this lack of food is definitely hurting any progress I’d like to make.  Especially with protein, I definitely need in increase my intake if I want to build muscle.  It’s a little scary thinking that at one point I was eating very little and still feeling guilty about it.  That’s definitely a fine line that I don’t want to cross.

I’m glad to report that work is definitely at a much enjoyable pace, still alot of things to do, but less pressure.  Phew!

Yesterday’s Elf 4 Health challenge was to clean out the fridge and pantry for any not-so-healthy foods.  I think I did a great job of clearing out the items that would prove to be tempting to me and harmful to my goals.  The kids still have their cereals and popcorn, but I never have that stuff so it’s all good.

I also tried out a Turbo fire cardio workout last night, instead of an Insanity workout.  And I definitely didn’t have the coordination to follow all the steps/moves in the video.  Even though I couldn’t keep up or follow along to every move/step, I just made sure that I was moving and jumping around and keeping my heart rate up.  Although I think next time I’m going back to Insanity.  Those moves I know and can follow… hehe..

Another thing I need to do is look into vitamins and supplements that may help me with my goals.

What vitamins or supplements to do you take? 


2 thoughts on “Really need to eat… MORE!

  1. teresasdreams says:

    I wish my problem was needing to eat more! haha!
    A good vitamin makes all the difference in the world. Most over-the-counter vitamins are worthless. I take what I believe to be the absolute best vitamin out there. Unfortunately I can’t mention (or advertiser) much about it here, but I can certainly share more info with you privately. Just email me and I can tell you more.

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