Second one done… Time to focus on my own Christmas planning

… Finally! In bed after 12 hours on my feet. But I thought I should write about my day before I completely forget some of the details.
I got up at 730 am, showered and quickly got ready so that I could head out. Before leaving I grabbed two slices of toast with natural peanut butter. Drove over to the wholesale club to pick up 22 9lb boxes of Mandarin oranges. Yup… 22 boxes! Once I had those I headed over to the venue. Got there just before 10am. Spent the next couple of hours putting together the final details and helping the volunteers prepare for the busy day ahead of us.
People started arriving just before 12 and things started to get hectic.


I found myself running around checking up on the different stations making sure things were going smoothly (as smooth as possible with over 500 guests) I finally realized around 3pm that I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and I was starting to feel light headed. Hubby was so great and grabbed me a slice of pizza.
Even though I gave myself a pass today to indulge in my meals,  I still felt bad about the pizza but at the same time knew that I had to eat something.
The party ended at 4pm, and by the time a had every thing cleaned and packed and loaded into the van it was 6pm.
Drove home slowly (it was snowing quite a bit earlier in the day and the roads were super icy) and grabbed a coffee before heading out to a friends kids birthday party.
At the party I had a second coffee and probably 6 or 7 crab and creamcheese wontons for supper. Again not a wise choice and definitely not a filling supper. But I still felt bad about the pizza so that’s all I ate. Not good. I’m thinking my body needs more food than that, I just couldn’t eat anymore.
The party is over and we actually only got half the number of guests than originally expected. Which turned out to be a good thing because I don’t know how we would’ve managed 1000 people.
Still managed to take a family photo.


Now that the parties are done, it’s time for… a little me time.


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