2 day pass…

As soon as I woke up today, my mind was racing through the tasks I needed to get through to prepare for the Childrens Christmas party tomorrow. I had to swing by the office (on my day off) to tie up some loose ends then came back home to load up the cargo van before I headed out to the party venue (oh had to pick up a helium tank and bubble machine first)
Got to the venue just before 11am and then finally left at 430pm.
Just a few more items to pick up and we’ll be ready for the party.



Gifts are all set out and organized.


Santa’s area is almost done, I just need to wrap up a few more presents.

Good news is that things with the party are going well, bad news my meals have suffered. I even had a donut when we had our late lunch and a banana fritter for supper.
Tomorrow I suspect that I will be running around all day and will be enjoying the popcorn, mini donuts and other goodies at the party.
For that reason I’m giving myself a 2 day pass (including today) to relax a little with my meals.


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