One down.. one more to go… (and 37 more days til Mexico)

So I’ve mentioned in numerous posts how work at times has kicked my butt… and this year work definitely kept me very busy.  And just to ensure that I’m staying on my toes, I volunteered to head the committee that plans the yearly holiday luncheon for the application delivery department at work.  The luncheon is held in the grand ballroom at the Delta hotel and there is usually between 270-300 guests.  And pretty much every single guests is a “computer geek”, meaning we all love those techie prizes.  Tablets, iPod touches, iPad minis.. they were all purchased as door prizes.  I’ve planned the event in the past, so you would think that it wouldn’t stress me out so much, but surprisingly it did.  The other night I actually had a nightmare that things didn’t go as planned.  Well the luncheon was today and it was a success (except for a couple times when speeches were happening while the music was still playing)  I didn’t win anything though.. boo! hehe.. oh well, there’s always next year.  And I suspect that I will yet again volunteer to head the committee… because well.. that’s just what I do.



So glad that the holiday luncheon is over and done with.  This means I can re-focus my attention to the Children’s Christmas Party which is this Saturday.  This is the company-wide children’s Christmas Party, and although I’m not the main convener (which I was last year), this year I am a co-convener and still feel the same amount of stress.  For this party we are expecting approx 1300 guests, consisting of 700 kids.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all the kids will have a great time and will enjoy the gifts they receive.  The toughest part of planning an event like this is trying to stick to the budget.  It’s definitely been a struggle but I think we’re going to be under budget this year and I do hope we have enough activities and games to keep the kids busy for 2-3 hours.  Once the party is over, THEN I’ll start focusing on things such as shopping for gifts, wrapping, baking and planning christmas dinner.  AHHH!!  

Next week will be a week full of food.  More luncheons and get togethers, team lunches and dinners.  My main goal is to eat as well as I can and to stay on top of my workouts.  Today’s luncheon went pretty well, I indulged in a couple potato and cheese perogies with a very small amount of bacon on top.  Mmm.. it was all good.. AND I managed to stay away from the dessert table.  Everything looked so good, but surprisingly the craving just wasn’t there.  


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