A much needed good day… 40 days to go!

Today was a better day.  I had a small cup of coffee with french vanilla coffeemate creamer and two small whole wheat buns w/ butter. Ok, maybe it wasn’t a great day but today I felt in control.  I didn’t have a single craving for junk food.  Lunch just wasn’t as clean as I would have liked it to be.  But that’s ok.  Today for lunch I actually went on a project windup lunch to celebrate the golive and recognize all the hard work by the project team.  We went to Bailey’s which is a very nice restaurant in the city.  I had the Veal Madiera
Tender (Provimi veal lightly breaded & topped with a rich mushroom & Madiera wine sauce).  It was lightly breaded but was very delicious and a dish that I would never make at home.

The next few days will be very busy with organizing work related Christmas functions, so I’m at a minimum I’m hoping to squeeze in short workouts.  If not, then I really need to focus on eating clean.  

I’m loving the overnight oats and can’t believe I didn’t give it a try sooner!  Definitely a new favorite breakfast, and even better my 5-year old loves helping me out by measuring out the ingredients for me.

Here’s a picture from the kid’s Christmas party:



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