Eat clean: Day 3 of 55

Day 3 definitely wasn’t an eat clean kind of day. Woke up feeling completely…. Off. Don’t have another word to describe it.
Eyes felt strained and tired so I had to wear my  glasses. Body was aching and I had a headache that stuck with me the entire day. The turnout? Hashbrowns for breakfast, potato chips for an afternoon snack, a 2nd cup of coffee in the afternoon and sushi for dinner.
Didn’t workout either. Not a good day.
Now I’m sitting at McDonalds with the kiddies sipping on a skinny vanilla latte and feeling guilty about the egg McMuffin I ate for breakfast. UGH!
Need to move on and focus on clean eats for the rest of the day which I should end with a good leg workout.
Now that the plan is set I just need to execute it.

Here’s a back progress shot. Top picture was taken this week, bottom picture from a month ago. Hard to tell if there was progress, especially since I’m wearing a different top.


How do you get back on track?

Also good luck to any shoppers going out for black Friday shopping!


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