Enough with the junk…

This weekend was very busy for me. My best friend had her wedding social on Saturday, so my entire day consisted of set up, running around during, and clean up afterwards. Got home after 230am and STILL had to shovel the drive way. We received between 30-40 cm of snow since Friday night. So hubby and I finally got to bed @  330am.


While setting up for the social I found myself munching on potato chips and spring rolls. I also had a few shots of dark spiced rum (straight up and it was nasty!) But I also got a chance to hit the dance floor so I’m sure I burned off some of those potato chip calories.
Today started off pretty good but the kiddies and I went out for lunch and I found myself eating my sons mini burger sliders.


Afterwards, hubby and I went to watch the fitness start network show. My sister-in-law and her boyfriend were competing and I’m excited to say they placed 1st and 2nd respectively. Yay! It was a good show and there were some very good physiques. I’m no where near ready to step on stage, but now that I’m seeing small progress and know that I can eat clean, competing seems more of a possibility. Although I’m still now ready to set any specific goals.


And I indulged in chocolate this weekend. Alot of chocolate. Way to much, but it’s finally out of my system.
Oh yeah, I’ve got some burpees to do… I’m thinking 120 will be enough.


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