Too busy pampering myself…

I missed my workouts the past couple days.  But I had good reasons.. honest!

I’ve been busy pampering myself.. getting my haircut, fighting my chip and dip cravings (and winning) and spending way too much money at Sephora.



I received an email from Sephora informing me that today was the first day of their VIB 20% off event.  20% doesn’t seem much, but when you’re spending $$$ on makeup and skincare, it definitely adds up.  So after work today I quickly dropped off my work backpack at home and headed over to Sephora.  By the time I got home (2.5 hours later) it was time to feed the kids a small bedtime snack and get them ready for bed.  Not to mention I have work to do still.  So the kids are finally asleep and I’ve started my work.

One of the bigger purchases that I made today was this…



I’ve heard great things about Dr Brandt products and I’m always on the hunt for the perfect skin care products.  The downside?  That would have to be the price.  The kit cost $80!!  EEK!  And each bottle is only .5 oz.. 15 grams!  I read online that it could last between 1.5 – 2 months.  If the products work as well as I hope they do, am I prepared to spend $80 every 2 months?  I suppose good skincare is worth the cost.  Right?! Hmm.. I’ll definitely need to tweak the budget.

Work outs have been non-existent the past 2 days but clean eating is going pretty good.  Still having those moments of weakness where I think that having a bag of chips “won’t be too bad”.  But so far I’ve been doing okay.



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