Eat Clean: The weekend…

I was a bit nervous about eating clean over the weekend, since that is when I usually indulge in my meals and snacks.  This past weekend was a good one, I did allow myself to indulge and had some whole wheat thin sliced pizza.  I woke up this morning and was quite surprised that I wasn’t craving a coffee, it really is amazing how I continued to drink coffee out of habit.  I still haven’t indulged in any halloween chocolates, no more twizzlers either.  

I’m taking it easy the next couple days, so workouts may not be as great as I’d like.  Went to the doctor’s earlier today to have a minor procedure done and as expected there are some cramping side effects.  Had a great leg workout yesterday and now my lower back is quite sore.  I’m concerned that I’ll experience lower back pain now following my leg workouts.  If it persists, I may need to see a physiotherapist.

This won’t be a very long post, just wanted to update that I’m still focused and motivated, progress photos in a couple days.


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