You can’t track progress…

.. if you’re not posting the progress being made (or in my case not being made).

I started this blog for the main purpose of tracking my progress to a healthier, fitter me and to journal my progress on this journey.  To write down my struggles and my victories and to share any new knowledge I may learn on the way.  And yet my journey is partially documented.  There’s a lot of planning and thoughts of what I’m going to do next and my plan to be healthier and fitter.  But then past the planning there’s not much action happening.  I won’t say there’s NO action, because there is some action, definitely not as much action as I plan though.  And that’s quite disappointing.  The issue here is that I talk all I want about my plans and my goals but don’t stay focused or motivated.  There’s still that thought in the back of my head telling me “so what if you’re not as fit as you’d like to be in Mexico, you were never going to wear a bikini anyway”  Did I mention the time I was wearing a sports bra and sweater to work out and it got really warm so I took off my sweater thinking people work out in their sports bras and shorts all the time.  But then it just felt uncomfortable seeing myself in the mirror so I put my sweater back on.  Am I being too hard on myself?

Anyway, back to talking the talk but not walking the walk.  What I need to start doing is being accountable for the progress or lack of progress that I am seeing.  I need to say I’m going to do something and do it with 100% effort.  I can’t just post a progress picture when I think I’m doing good.  Those not-so-great pictures have to be posted as well.

For the first time, hubby asked me to work towards a goal.  And it works because his goal is the same as mine, Mexico.  He asked me the other night to push myself harder so that I could see those results in time for our trip to Mexico.  He wants to see what I am capable of and what my body is capable of.  We’re are 3 months minus 1 day from Mexico, so that’s 12 weeks.  Can I do it?

The last week was a better week for healthy clean eating, I tried no carbs one day and that was rough, so I’m not sure if that’s something I want to try again.  I started thinking that since I’m 12 weeks out, maybe I should hire a personal trainer that will get me through the next 3 months.  Then I thought I should first try following some basic rules like clean eating and daily exercise (weightlifting and cardio) before I seek a trainer’s help.

Tonight’s post isn’t going to include and goals specific to eating healthy or exercising.  The one goal I want to set for myself is to post regularly and to write down one mini-goal for the week and to put all my energy into reaching that goal.

Week 1 Goal: October 15

Choose healthier alternatives whenever I have a craving for something sweet or deep fried and salty.  Specifically, no hashbrowns, creamy soups or pizzas from the cafeteria.

And so in order for my to track my progress, here is my Week 1 photo.


I don’t think it’s a horrible picture (but for some reason it was really hard to actually post) and really at most, I have 17 followers that may read this post and see this picture.  But that’s alright because knowing that others have seen this picture motivates me to post a better picture and to post my progress.

3 thoughts on “You can’t track progress…

  1. says:

    You are very hard on yourself. Today is a new day – you will get through it! If you can afford to get a trainer, go for it. Not all trainers are created equal but a good one will help you push past your mental blocks as well as the physical ones.

    Good luck!

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