Focused again…

Yesterday didn’t start off very well and there was a moment when I wrote that post thinking about going all out and indulging. But then I stopped, and remembered that I didn’t have to wait til tomorrow to get refocused. So I headed down to the gym, had a great workout and followed it with a protein rich meal.
Today was a good day. I indulged a little at lunch (dim sum) but ate good for the rest of the day and had another great workout.
So finally I asked the hubby to take a couple pictures of me post workout.


Had to crop the picture though. My top was showing a bit more than I wanted to show (remember the Seinfeld episode when Elaine asks Kramer to take a Christmas card picture?)


I’m excited to see some progress with my back. For the longest time I felt like I wasn’t seeing any changes. Tomorrows workout will be a leg workout so I’ll try to take a leg progress picture.
This is the progress I needed to see to keep motivated and focused.