A hashbrowns-pizza-sushi kind of day

That’s exactly what yesterday was. It could have been worse. I could have gone back to the cafeteria for a second round of hashbrowns. But I stopped myself because I knew that I would’ve felt really bad afterwards. A personal sized mushroom pizza for lunch and sushi for dinner.
All in all not as bad as it could’ve been.  There were no desserts or sugary drinks, and no salty snacks.  Then again, there wasn’t any exercise either.  Following dinner, I got myself ready for bed and then powered up my work laptop and worked for a couple hours.  But honestly after this week, no more working from home.  I really dislike lugging my laptop home at the end of the work day.

October is just around the corner and my one month progress update will be coming out soon.  Fingers crossed that I’ve got some good news!