Staying motivated…

I often find myself searching the web and instagram for motivation.  I love seeing progress made by others, learning new recipes, exercises and just getting inspired by all the individuals who are choosing a healthy and active lifestyle.  Tonight I find myself questioning why I’m constantly searching for motivation, when in reality that motivation in right in front of my face.  Now, I understand that the motivation and determination has to come from within me, and I need to want it.  But how could I not want it, not be as motivated when I have an amazing role model in my life.


Meet the hubby.  When I first met him, he was competing in his first bodybuilding competition.  And since then he’s competed every year.  And every year he improves his physique and has placed top 3 in the most recent competitions (CBBF National Bodybuilding 2011 – 2nd place Bantamweight, CBBF World Qualifier 2012 – 2nd place Lightweight).  Each year, at 4 weeks out from the competition, things around the household get a little stressful.  The hubby is in full training mode and full diet mode.  And I’m impressed because he maintains his physique year round and really only requires 4 weeks of strict diet and exercise to get competition ready.  During this time I get to observe his motivation, his dedication and his drive to get in top physique.  And I see how hard it is but I also get to see all that hard work pay off.

Sometimes, it’s tough (and I hate to admit it… a little annoying) to hear him push me to lift heavier, to do one last rep, but I know that he’s pushing me because he knows that a part of me wants to see those results.  He also knows that if I’m not focused, then any motivation he’s throwing my way simply isn’t being heard.

So I need to start listening to his encouraging words and to feed off of his motivation and focus.