Great way to start the day…

I actually slept in today and had to rush to get ready for work.  It felt cold and it was gloomy outside.  The perfect combination to just stay warm in bed and under the covers.  Unfortunately that wasn’t an option.  Following last night’s 3 hours of overtime, I wasn’t thrilled about work but as I walked into the elevator I ran into my coworker Adam.  We exchanged our good mornings and then Adam went on to tell me that he heard a great compliment about me.  Well, that definitely woke me up and I asked him what he had heard.  I was thinking in my head, who could possibly be talking about me?  My manager attended the project manager career centre meeting to talk about Quality Assurance and testing services that her group offers. In Adam’s words, “She reminded the project managers that we all can’t have Jocelyn on our projects”

That was such a nice compliment to hear.  And I know that project managers have specifically asked for me to be the QA resource on their projects but it’s nice to hear it once in awhile.  That was a great way to start the day.  It was another busy day, and I was very tempted to cancel my massage appointment but I kept it and I’m so glad that I did.  It was so relaxing, yet at times the pressure hurt.. but in a good way.  I didn’t realize my calves were so sore/tender.


Now there’s still overtime work for me tonight but before that, I’m working out and cooking meals for tomorrow.  Can’t believe I’m actually excited to have time to work out and cook.



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