Hurry up September 24th…

That is the expected delivery date of my latest purchase:


It’s the Manta Ray – Squatting Stabilizer.

My work gym has one and it’s always nice to do squats with it.  Definitely makes the 95lbs that’s resting on my feel a little lighter.  From…

“It transfers the load to the traps exclusively and doesn´t involve the shoulder caps. It´s a simple load distribution principle where the load is spread over as much as 1600% more surface area than the raw bar. It´s like comparing a bed of nails to a single nail”

Can’t wait for it to arrive!

In other news… as I had mentioned in previous post, work is just kicking my a$$!!  I haven’t stepped out for lunch for the past week and a half, which is okay since I’m bringing a packed lunch, but not getting out, even for 15 minutes really makes it a struggle for me to make it through the day.  Today I had a moment where I told myself “If I’m stuck at my desk for the entire day, I want to munch on something.. crunchy.. fried..”  So I went down to the 2nd floor deli and placed an order for chicken fingers and french fries (extra crispy please).  I got back to my desk, and opened up my take out container.  As coworkers walked by my desk and saw the food, they stopped to ask “Are you stressed?!” hehe.. all my coworkers know that I’ve been focusing on eating healthier, and they’ve seen me eat my cottage cheese and pineapple and munch on almonds.  So they were quite shocked to see the fries on my desk.  Now, I did eat the chicken fingers (4 in total) but in terms of the fries?  I may have munched on 5 or 6 (possibly 7 or 8), but the rest ended up in the garbage.  Even though the fries looked pretty good, I actually didn’t want to sit there and eat them.  Which is a huge indication of how far I’ve come with my healthy eating.  Sure, the chicken fingers aren’t healthy, but if this were last year, I’d be munching on the fries even if they weren’t good.  

A small slip up this week and back on track.