Surviving September…

First off, I picture of me and my daughter.  Today grandma met her at her school bus drop off location and she said “Grandma, you don’t need to pick me up!  I’m a big girl now!” (Luckily she’s riding the school bus with all our neighbor’s kids.



This week at work is an extremely busy one, and the entire month of September is going to be just as busy.  Since last week, I haven’t stepped away from my desk for lunch, which really sucks.  And today I realized that in order to stay on top of my workload I’m going to have to do some work from home 😦

With both kids in school (pre-nursery and kindergarten) it’s alot busier in the evenings.  Throw in the usual meal prep/cooking, work out/cardio, getting ready for bed… evenings are definitely going to be busier and it’s going to be important for me to not spend too much time being idle.

My hectic workload which is also keeping me at my desk, makes me want to munch on snacks throughout the work day.  Luckily today I had grapes, almonds and turkey sausage to munch on.  But there was a part of me that really wanted to go pick up an order of extra crispy french fries!  Instead, I picked up a small bag of Pop Chips.  Quite delicious!!  

I’m trying to keep the image of me in my bikini in my head to motivate me to stop thinking about working out and just do it.  

And I will.. in 5 minutes 🙂

Another birthday…

Has come and gone, and there’s still cake to be eaten.


I will need to ask hubby to get rid of the cake so that it’s no longer a temptation. How he gets rid of it, either toss it in the garbage, give it away or eat it all doesn’t matter to me.
The past weekend was fun times with family and friends, lots of laughter and food and not a single workout. Did I feel guilty? Sure did, but I didn’t go overboard with the birthday treats.
And I did take my pre-goal progress picture, in the new bikini I purchased last week. Is it a good picture? Not really, maybe it was just the weirdness of seeing myself in a bikini, but it definitely made me realize that I want to see an improvement and I want to be wow’ed when I’m in a bikini.
So that really kick started my motivation. Now I just got keep at it.