Just doesn’t look right…

The last time I wore a two-piece bikini, when I wasn’t I pregnant (cause really, how cute does a pregnant lady look in a two-piece bikini) was back in 2001?  That sounds about right.  That means I was 22 years old and I still didn’t have the body I wanted, but I was content.  Even then, my bikini was more like a sports bra and short combination.  Since then I’ve always worn bikini bottoms with a tank top.  

Yesterday I bought a bikini top.  I got home and tried it on and for some reason it just didn’t look right.  It does look better now than it would have 9 months ago, but it just didn’t look like “me”.  Once I’m in better shape and slimmer, will I feel more comfortable in a bikini?  I suspect not and maybe I will always feel uncomfortable.

Anyway, tomorrow morning I plan on taking a picture in my new bikini top.  Just so that I can stare at the picture and think about how awkward I look. hehe… kidding… tomorrow is a big day.. the day I turn 33 years old.  I’m feeling good about my health and my shape and I know it’s only going to improve, so I really want to capture a snapshot of my starting point.