Now I remember the pain…

of those intense cardio sessions.. 

Today was no exception and it hurt even more because it’s been way too long since I’ve done any intense cardio.  For the past few months I’ve been focusing on running and lifting weights.  And now I remember why I was so determined to eat clean and exercise hard.  If it hurt this much, there’s no way I was going to sabotage my progress by eating junk food.  I know that the workouts will get easier so I just need to keep at it and push through it.

This past weekend I picked up a new pair of runners.


Pretty aren’t they?

I picked up a pair of Nike Dual Fusion runners.  The one drawback?  They’re really just a wear-to-the-gym-to-lift-weights-and-do-light-cardio pair of shoes.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to wear them to run.  With my knee issues, there’s no way I can run without my custom orthotics and New Balance runners.  When I first started running I tried numerous running shoes and I must admit I looked for pretty runners.  But all shoes except for New Balance (with my orthotics) worked for me and helped with my knee pain.

Today I wore my new Nike runners while doing my cardio session but found that they didn’t provide much support.  It could be that my feet are trying to adjust to the new shoes so I’ll see how the shoes feel in a few days.

Anyway, today’s cardio session hurt!  But it was a good hurt!  Just resting a bit and then it will be time to hit the weights.



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