So easily distracted…

It’s true… I get so easily distracted when I lose interest in what I’m doing. At work, at home and even at the gym.  Sometimes I feel like I won’t reach my goals due to my distractions.


This is what I found myself doing in class last week. I promise I was listening to the instructor, but was more focused on finding a restaurant for lunch.

Since coming back from Vancouver last Wednesday, I’ve been trying to get myself re-focused on clean eating and exercise.  I can’t lie, I’m definitely struggling this time around.  I’ve started following amazing individuals on Instagram who live, eat and breath clean eating and exercise.  It’s very inspiring and motivating, yet at the same time I’m not giving 110% effort.  Without the focus and determination, I won’t get to my end goals.  So what’s holding me back?  I think I just lost my groove and need to just jump in and do it!  Just how I did it back in January, trying to make small adjustments isn’t working so now it’s all 0r nothing, go big or go home.

This time I need to stay focused and I can’t let myself get distracted.


One thought on “So easily distracted…

  1. Denise says:

    It must be the way it is right now. I have been at zero motivation for two weeks. I went on a family trip and then when I came back I was unable to get back into being healthy. I am working on it today as soon as I send this I am working out. It seems to be just that way sometimes.

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