Too early for bed…

But I can’t help it. Vancouver is 2 hrs behind Winnipeg so my body thinks it’s 10:40pm but local time it’s only 8:40pm. I’m trying to stay awake but I’m so close to calling it a night.
Today was another nice warm day. I definitely didn’t do as much walking today, my legs are a bit sore from yesterdays walk. I spent a couple hours shopping and hung out at the hotel.


Very luxurious bedding. And the suite has two TVs! Crazy!


Nice view of downtown and all the tall buildings. The clouds came in early evening so my coworker and I grabbed dinner at a restaurant nearby. We were both hungry so we picked the restaurant closest to the hotel.  The restaurant is called URO and was quite expensive but very delicious. I had the roasted chicken breast and shared the crab cake appetizer. Total cost: $50!


I’m a little disappointed that the hotel I’m at doesn’t have a fitness facility so I will have to do alot of walking hehe…
While staying at the hotel I really want to try the different food trucks all around downtown.
Okay that’s it, I’m done…


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