Vancouver – day 1

My flight left at 7am this morning. Close to 3 hours later and I landed in Vancouver.


Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining and the air is so fresh. I dropped my luggage off and headed out right away. Wasn’t sure where to, but I started walking. First stop, Granville Island. There were so many fresh baked breads that I wanted to try but I settled on a full breakfast with eggs, toast, hashbrowns and sausage. I knew I had a full day of walking ahead of me so I didn’t feel  too bad about having the  sausages and hashbrowns.


After breakfast I hooped on the aquabus, crossed the water and headed into downtown Vancouver. Walking straight down Robson I headed towards Stanley Park.


Walked along the seawall and back through Stanley park. I loved seeing so many runners, rollerbladers and cyclists out enjoying the weather. I thought if I lived out here there’s no way I couldn’t be active outside.


On the way home I passed by a ramen noodle restaurant with a line up of patrons waiting for seats to open.


So I thought it had to be good. There were only a few items on the menu, so whatever they served had to be spectacular right?
I ordered the ramen noodles with bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, bbq pork (fatty cuts) and a boiled egg.


It was pretty good but I found it too fatty, so I wasn’t able to finish the bowl.
I continued on my walk home. In total I walked a total of 5 hrs. My legs are killing me esp my knees. It really reminds me that my knees aren’t in great shape any more. And has made me reconsider doing the grouse grind. The steep inclines of some of Vancouver’s streets really worked on my legs too.


So I’m taking it easy tonight. We’ll see what tomorrow has in store.


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