Vacation mode already?…

Not much cooking happening these days, not much meal planning either.

My original goal  was to eat as clean as possible this week in preparation for my Vancouver trip next week.  I haven’t been eating poorly, but I haven’t been eating as clean as I would have liked.  And that’s okay, I don’t want to beat myself up about it.

One thing I’m really struggling with is finding that balance between clean eating and indulging, cardio and workouts.  A part of me feels like I need to be more diligent with my clean eating and exercise, but if I miss a workout or indulge in my food for the day, what does that mean.. really?  I do have goals set, and I am working towards them, but not very aggressively.  Then again, if I look in the mirror and aren’t 100% happy with what I see, shouldn’t that be motivation enough to be more focused? 

On Instagram I’m following individuals who are extremely focused on healthy clean eating and fitness.  They post their recipes, workouts and progress shots.  And it’s all very motivating and I love seeing the definition in their muscles, the lean/flat tummies.. but maybe it’s the fact that the thought that runs through my head is “wow.. it would be nice to have that body” and not so much “wow.. I WANT that body”

Anyway, I feel like my mind is all over the place.  I just need to get through 2 more extremely hectic days at work and at home, and need to get organized for my trip.  AHH!  Time to write down my to do list and start tackling those tasks.


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