Monday mix…

Currently sitting in the car at the Boston pizza parking lot. Original plan is to take the kids for dinner but on the drive here not one, but both fell asleep. I’ll let them nap for 30 minutes before we go in. anyway this gives me the opportunity to write a post, finally!
Not much new on my end hence the “Monday mix” post title. There are alot of little things.
– travel arrangements have been finalized for Vancouver! So excited to jog, walk and hike while I’m there. I’m also very motivated to eat as clean as possible, since I know I’ll be eating alot of seafood while I’m in Vancouver. Hoping all the walking around will offset the eating… Hehe
– prior to Sunday, the last time I ran was two weeks ago so I really want in a position to increase my mileage. I wasn’t even sure if I could safely run 8kms. But bring stubborn, I pushed myself to run 10 kms and now my joints are paying the price. my knees and hips are killing me! Although my legs aren’t as sore as I thought. So for the next couple days, workouts will be focused on upper body and core.
– had Sunday lunch with hubby’s side of the family. Each time I see his aunt she asks me if everything is alright, if I’m sick or stressed because I look “too skinny”. She even lectured the hubby saying how he was so big while his wife is so skinny. I assured her that I was ok. But even coworkers seem to enjoy watching me eat stating that I can’t afford to lose any more weight. I don’t think I want to lose weight either but definitely want to gain muscle and lean out.
– work is still kicking my butt and I may have to shuffle my vacation plans but my concern is that when I’m stressed at work, I want to eat and constantly want to munch on something. It’s a good thing I’ve got almonds and fruit at work. But there are those moments where I just want to pick up an order of extra crispy fries.

Ok well it’s time to wake up the kids and eat.

Hope everyone is having an awesome Monday!


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